Automatic disk resizes

Overutilizing storage on a Postgres server can be operationally dangerous because there might not be enough disk space for the server to recover in case of an emergency.

To prevent such situations, Crunchy Bridge will:

  • warn team administrators by email when a cluster's disk reaches 75%, 80%, and 85% utilization
  • trigger a disk resize automatically when a cluster's disk reaches 90% utilization

When an automatic resize is triggered, the new size is calculated based on the original size.

  • Disks smaller than 1 TB will be increased by 25% (e.g. 100 GB becomes 125 GB).
  • Disks larger than 1 TB will be increased by 10% (e.g. 1000 GB becomes 1100 GB).

An email notification will be sent to team administrators when an automatic resize is triggered.

Like our HA feature, the Bridge system will bring up a new machine behind the scenes, copy your data, and do a cutover. You should ensure your application is set up to automatically reconnect to the database since there will be a brief service interruption (no more than a few minutes).

Manual resizing

You can trigger a manual resize by selecting "Resize" from a cluster's "Cluster Actions" menu. Although Crunchy Bridge will automatically resize cluster disks for you, we strongly recommend that you take action in advance of an automatic resize, such as after receiving a disk size warning email.

If you initiate a manual resize once the disk is above the 75% threshold, the system will automatically resize it by 10% or 25%, as outlined above.

Please contact support if you plan to initiate a resize but want finer control over the increase.