Automatic disk resizes

When storage on a Postgres server is overutilized, it can be operationally dangerous because there might not be enough disk space for it to recover in case of an emergency. To prevent such situations, Crunchy Bridge will trigger disk resizes automatically when they hit 90% utilization.

The server’s new size will depend on the current one:

  • If its disk was below 1 TB, it’ll be increased by 25%. For example, a 100 GB disk will become 125 GB.
  • If its disk was above 1 TB, it’ll be increased by 10%. For example, a 1000 GB disk will become 1100 GB.

When an automatic resize is triggered, an email notification will be sent to the owning team’s administrators indicating that it happened.

Automatic resizes can be avoided by pre-empting them with a manual resize by selecting “Resize” from a cluster’s “Cluster Actions” menu.

Low disk notifications

To help users avoid automatic resizes, Bridge will send notices as a cluster’s disk becomes increasingly utilized. Email notifications will be sent to a cluster’s owning team’s administrators at:

  • 75% disk usage.
  • 80% disk usage.
  • 85% disk usage.

A manual resize can be initiated after receiving one of these notices to avoid the automatic one that’ll occur at 90%.

Manual resizing

If you initiate a manual resize once you are above the 75% threshold, the system will automatically resize you to be above the 110% or 125% mark as described above. Please contact support if you plan to initiate a resize but want to control the increase.