Database insights

Crunchy Bridge provides database insights for you directly within the Crunchy Bridge dashboard. Database insights are automatically available to any database provisioned after August 30, 2022.

Database insights provides point in time insights into your database along with recommendations on actions you can take to improve performance. These insights include:

  • Cache and index hit rates
  • Unused indexes
  • Bloat
  • Outlier queries
  • Long running queries
  • Vacuum statistics
  • Table sizes

ℹ️ Info

If database insights are not currently available for your cluster, you can enable them by refreshing your instance using the “Start Maintenance Now” button in Cluster Settings. The platform will create a new standby, let it catch up to your current server, and then carry out a failover as soon as possible.

Note: This is a maintenance operation and will create a short period of unavailability.

Contact support if you’d like to discuss enabling insights for your cluster.

You can view insights for your cluster on the Insights tab in the Dashboard or by running cb scope --cluster CLUSTER_ID --suite all on the CLI.

Learn more about how to interpret database insights in the High level performance analysis tutorial on the Postgres Playground.