New Relic Quickstart

This quickstart guide will help you get started monitoring your Crunchy Bridge database with New Relic. We recommend you start with the Container Apps Quickstart to get a general understanding of Container Apps.

New Relic with Container Apps Quickstart

First, make sure you have Container Apps enabled. As a user with superuser privileges, run CREATE EXTENSION pgpodman; to install the extension in the postgres database of the desired cluster.

Next, locate your license key from New Relic to include in the command to start the container.

To start the New Relic collector, run the following using your own value for NRIA_LICENSE_KEY:

SELECT run_container('-dt -p 5433:5433 -e NRIA_LICENSE_KEY="your-NRIA-license-key"');

The collector should immediately begin sending data to New Relic. Visit the New Relic documentation for more details on the New Relic collector.