Pganalyze Quickstart

This page contains a quickstart to help you get started monitoring your Crunchy Bridge database with pganalyze. We recommend you start with the quickstart to get an understanding of container apps.

About Pganalyze

Pganalyze provides deep analytics and insights into your Postgres database performance and surfaces areas you can improve.

Pganalyze with Postgres Container Apps Quickstart

First ensure you have Container Apps enabled with CREATE EXTENSION pgpodman;. Once enabled you’ll need your DATABASE_URL from Crunchy Bridge and your API_KEY from Pganalyze to include in the command. To start the Pganalyze collector you can run:

SELECT run_container('-dt -e DB_URL="DATABASE_URL" -e PGA_API_KEY="API_KEY"');

The collector should be sending data to pganalyze within about 10 minutes. Visit the Pganalyze documentation for more tuning of Pganalyze.