Supported Extensions

Extensions allow for expanded functionality within Postgres, without requiring a new version of Postgres to be released. Extensions can enable new functionality including datatypes and functions. Extensions can be enabled by running CREATE EXTENSION within the database as the postgres user.

You can see a list of all available extensions by querying within your database:

FROM pg_available_extensions

You can see all extensions that are already enabled by executing:

FROM pg_extension;

Extensions are enabled by running:

CREATE EXTENSION extensionname;

Supported extensions

Extension Type of extension Summary Command to create
Bloom Datatype Provides a bloom filter index type CREATE EXTENSION bloom;
Case insensitive text Datatype Case insensitive text datatype CREATE EXTENSION citext;
Cube Datatype Datatype for multi-dimensional cubes CREATE EXTENSION cube;
Hstore Datatype Key value datatype CREATE EXTENSION hstore;
Label Tree Datatype Datatype for tree-like structures CREATE EXTENSION ltree;
Large Object Datatype Specialized large object datatype CREATE EXTENSION lo;
ISN Datatype Datatype for product numbering (including UPC, ISBN, ISSN) CREATE EXTENSION isn;
Seg Datatype Datatype for representing floating point intervals or segments CREATE EXTENSION seg;
Postgres FDW Foreign Data Wrapper Foreign data wrapper for connecting to other Postgres databases CREATE EXTENSION postgres_fdw;
Address Standardizer Functions Used to parse an address into constituent elements CREATE EXTENSION address_standardizer;
Auto Increment Functions Provides function for storing the next value of a sequence in an integer field CREATE EXTENSION autoinc;
Earth Distance Functions Functions that assist with computing the distance between points. CREATE EXTENSION earthdistance;
Fuzzy String Match Functions Functions for comparing similarity between strings CREATE EXTENSION fuzzystrmatch;
Insert Username Functions Will place the current Postgres username in a text field CREATE EXTENSION insert_username;
Integer Array Functions Sorting and manipulation of integer arrays CREATE EXTENSION intarray;
Modification Time Functions Will place the current timestamp into a timestamp field CREATE EXTENSION modtime;
PG Crypto Functions Functions for encrypting data inside columns CREATE EXTENSION pgcrypto;
PG prewarm Functions Utilities to prewarm your cache, helpful for standby failover CREATE EXTENSION pg_prewarm;
SSL Info Functions Ability to query SSL information based on who is CREATE EXTENSION sslinfo;
Table functions Functions Functions for cubing and rollups of tables. CREATE EXTENSION tablefunc;
Trigger change notifications Functions Functions for listening to changes on tables CREATE EXTENSION tcn;
Trigram Functions Matching and similarity of strings. CREATE EXTENSION pg_trgm;
Table sampling (system rows) Functions Functions to provide sampling of system tables CREATE EXTENSION tsm_system_rows;
Table sampling (system time) Functions Functions to provide sampling of system time CREATE EXTENSION tsm_system_time;

Procedural languages

While also a category of extension, procedural languages allow you to write custom functions to be executed within your database. Each of these has a number of additional details and functionality. We currently support: