Cluster Resize

After creating your cluster, you can change the plan tier and instance, and increase storage.

During the resizing process, a replica cluster is created, and a switchover is made at the next nearest window. The resized cluster retains the same connection information.

Resize a cluster

  1. On your dashboard, select the cluster you want to resize.

  2. Click “Resize Cluster.”

    Resize Cluster link on cluster overview

  3. On the Resizing Cluster form, you’ll be able to switch to a different tier, or change the instance type (memory and number of vCores). You can only increase the storage.

    The form itself will reflect the original/current resource configuration. Next to the form, you’ll also see the original cluster configuration as well as resized cluster details, including pricing. Resizing Cluster form with options to change database resources

  4. Once you’ve made the desired adjustments, click the Resize Cluster button. A “Resize in progress” message as well as a Cancel Resize button will display.

  5. When the resize completes, you’ll see the new size and resources on the cluster’s overview tab.