To provision a new database, click the Create Cluster icon in the top right from any page when logged in to Crunchy Bridge. During provisioning, you’ll be presented with a number of steps:

  1. Select your PostgreSQL version
  2. Select your infrastructure provider (AWS or Azure)
  3. Select your region (see General for more details on regions)
  4. Select your instance type
  5. Enter your storage
  6. Enable high availability if desired
  7. Name your cluster
  8. Provision

It will take about 5 minutes for your Postgres cluster to provision.

Connecting to your Postgres database

Once you create your PostgreSQL cluster you can select it from your dashboard.

You can connect directly using psql and the connection string provided for your cluster, replacing password with the password you specified during provisioning:

psql postgres://postgres:[email protected]:5432/postgres

Note: When provisioning, your username will be the postgres user by default. Once you connect with that user, you can create additional PostgreSQL users and roles as needed.

See the following section for connecting to your Crunchy Bridge instance in various programming languages and using Bridge as a database for your apps.