Provision Read Replicas

Read replicas can be useful for read scaling and offloading certain workloads that could impact production (such as reporting workloads). Your read replica in Crunchy Bridge is required to be the same storage size, but can be a different instance size. You can also provisino read replicas across regions and infrastructure provider if you wish to have greater reslience should a specific cloud provider or region fail.

Provision your replica

On the Crunchy Bridge dashboard, select the cluster for which you want to fork. Under “Cluster Actions”, click “Fork”.

Instance Actions

The following will be automatically set up for the fork based on the original cluster:

  • Postgres version
  • Storage

You’ll be able to select a different provider, region, and instance (plan) for the replica. The same pricing and billing rates based on plan, storage, high availability, and usage apply for each replica. The cost per month is displayed in a summary along with the region and plan selected.