Add Cluster to Tailscale

What is Tailscale

Tailscale is a VPN service that allows you to easily create a secure, scalable mesh network using the open source WireGuard protocol.

Obtain an authkey from Tailscale

First login to your Tailscale dashboard. Navigate to the Settings tab, Keys section, and "Generate auth key..."

For production environments, we recommend you using a tagged auth key, so that you can configure permissions ahead of time, and these will be used when adding access. Use an ephemeral auth key so that machines are automatically removed when they’re no longer in use - and keep your Tailscale machine list clean. Additionally, make the auth key reusable will help should Crunchy need to retry connection logic - if a connection fails, and you’re not using a reusable auth key, any retry logic will fail.

Add authkey to Your Crunchy Bridge Cluster

Add using the Dashboard UI

Login to Crunchy Bridge and navigate to your cluster's dashboard, Networking tab, Tailscale section.

From there, enter the authkey that was previously generated and click "Connect Tailscale".

Add using Crunchy Bridge CLI

Tailscale connections can be added through the Crunchy Bridge CLI also, using the cb tailscale command:

cb tailscale connect --cluster 2w3gipnd3rdg5og3aqicwoin2a --authkey tskey-auth-kwfwzT3CNTRL-9Yh61GnT6xLsMyircfg41MKj56qZqoyB
Cluster will be added to tailscale.


Once the Tailscale connection is initialized, it will appear in the Tailscale UI and you will be able to connect through the Tailscale connection, either via IP or its Tailscale name.

Common Questions

Will I still be able to connect to my database after my authkey expires?

Yes. Once we establish a connection via the authkey we persist that connection including through failovers. The authkey should be used to establish connectivity before it expires, but once connected you should not expect disruptions. If you see any issues please contact support

I disconnected my cluster and am having trouble re-connecting

At this time there are currently issues re-using single-use auth keys. If you had previously established connectivity to Tailscale, have disconnected, and want to reconnect you can still do this but will need to use a multi-use authkey.