Plans and Pricing

Crunchy Bridge for Analytics clusters are billed according to the amount of time they're provisioned in a given month, prorated to the second. While prices on this page are quoted for the cost of an entire month, you will only be billed that amount if your cluster is provisioned for the entire month.

Pricing varies based on:

  • Instance size
  • Region
  • Storage

Below you will find a sampling of prices by instance size. The technical specifications and prices listed are specific to the East region of Amazon Web Services (AWS). This sampling is intended to give a general idea of available instances and their cost.

To determine the cost and view the exact specifications of a cluster you can configure directly within the Crunchy Bridge dashboard.


PlanCoresMemoryIOPSAnalytics Cache DrivePG VersionsPgBouncerSupportPrice/month
Analytics-414GB40,00059 GBPG 16$89.00
Analytics-828GB40,000118 GBPG 16$178.00
Analytics-16416GB40,000236 GBPG 16$356.00
Analytics-32832GB40,000472 GBPG 16$712.00
Analytics-641664GB40,000944 GBPG 16$1,424.00
Analytics-12832128GB40,0001888 GBPG 16$2,848.00
Analytics-19248192GB60,0002832 GBPG 16$4,272.00
Analytics-25664256GB60,0003776 GBPG 16$5,696.00


Storage adds an additional $0.12 per GB to the total rate per month.

Example - AWS US East Analytics-8 instance with 100 GB storage:

$178.00 + $0.12 x 100 = $190.00/month