Crunchy Bridge is a fully managed Postgres service from Crunchy Data. It takes care of running and managing Postgres so that you can stay focused on building your applications, not on keeping your database up and running. Bridge provides highly available Postgres across every major cloud provider — Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud Platform, and Microsoft Azure — so regardless of where you're running, you can closely colocate your database.

Bridge interfaces

The Bridge Dashboard

The Dashboard is the graphical frontend to Crunchy Bridge, giving users an easy way to perform all common operations involved in provisioning and configuring database clusters visually. This is a great place to get started with the product.

cb — The Bridge CLI

cb provides the whole range of database operations as a CLI (command line interface). This is a useful tool for power users looking to perform operations quickly and precisely, and those trying to build simple automations.

The Bridge API

The web API is a fully-feature programmatic REST-ful interface to Bridge and is particularly useful for advanced automations. The Crunchy Dashboard is built on the API, so the platform's entire feature set is fully available.

Topics to get started


Connect your Postgres instance to your application or user interface.


Set up a firewall or peer to a private cloud network.


Configure custom log drains to many common log providers and get improved visibility.

If you're looking for support on running and managing Postgres on your own premises, consider taking a look at Crunchy PostgreSQL for Kubernetes.