With the Dashboard

Create a team

By default, each user has their own personal team. You can also create new Teams by clicking the arrow you see after the currently selected Team's name:

The main page for each Team has several tabs:

  • Clusters lists current clusters and includes a button to create a new one.
  • Billing displays past invoices, allows you to edit the Invoice Note to be printed on all invoices, and to update Payment Method.
  • Support shows support ticket history and allows you to create new tickets.
  • Settings (cog icon) provides access to Team-level settings, audit log, and member permissions.

You can add your coworkers and their roles to a new Team in Settings by clicking the cog and navigating to the Members section:

Create a cluster

Crunchy Bridge is billed by the minute, so you can easily create and delete test clusters to try out the system for your specific needs. On your Team Dashboard, click “Create Cluster” to get started.


You’ll be asked to enter a payment method the first time you create a cluster.

Connect to your cluster

Your newly created cluster will be listed on the Team's Clusters page. Click on the name of the cluster to view its Overview page. You can find the Postgres instance credentials in the cluster's Connection section. Select the role and format that work best for your use case.

For additional guidance, see Connecting to your Cluster.