Insights and metrics

Crunchy Bridge provides a few different mechanisms for getting insights into your Postgres database and metrics related to it:

  • Insights - These are point in time insights into your database base on Postgres' internal systems.
  • Metrics - These are metrics that Crunchy Bridge's internal monitoring captures and records against your system
  • Production check - This lists the status of your cluster using our list of recommended settings.
  • Scope - cb scope is the equivalent of insights available in your CLI.


Insights and metrics are automatically available on any cluster provisioned after September 28, 2022.

If your insights or metrics graphs are blank, they are likely not enabled for the cluster. You can enable them by initiating a Cluster Refresh maintenance to replace the instance.


Database insights provides point in time insights into your database along with recommendations on actions you can take to improve performance. These insights include:

Manual resetting

If you have made recent performance improvements and want to validate them, you can reset most of your system statistics with:

SELECT pg_stat_reset();

If you want to see the last time insights were refreshed, run:

SELECT stats_reset FROM pg_stat_database WHERE datname = current_database();


You can find system metrics on the Crunchy Bridge Dashboard under the Metrics tab. Metrics monitored and displayed in the Dashboard include:

Resetting metrics

Metrics are tied to the individual instance and are reset anytime you have a failover to a new machine for maintenance, upgrade, or version change. If you currently have HA enabled, you will see duplicate metrics.

Production checks

You can find the production check under Cluster Overview panel at the bottom left. See Production check for additional documentation.


The data in the insights tab in the Dashboard is available by running cb scope --cluster CLUSTER_ID --suite all.