Getting started

To get started with Crunchy Bridge, you'll need to register for an account on

You can interface with Crunchy Bridge either with a web based dashboard or a command line interface (CLI). Follow these links for additional instructions.

Provision an instance

Crunchy Bridge is billed by the minute, so you can easily create and delete test clusters to try out the system for your specific needs.


You’ll be asked to enter a payment method the first time you create a cluster. Billing is managed at the Team level, so a credit card must be entered for each team.

On your Team Dashboard, click “Create Cluster” to get started.

Connect to your instance

Your newly created cluster will be listed in the Team Dashboard. Click on the name to view the Cluster page. You can find the Postgres instance credentials on the Cluster's Connection tab. Select the role and format that work best for you.

Resources for getting started

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