With the Dashboard

Create a team

By default you will have your own personal team. If you intend to work with a group of people, create a team by starting at the landing page or in the top left under the word “Personal”. Each team has a dashboard of clusters and settings where you can add new members and set their permissions. You can add your coworkers and their roles inside the Members tab.

Create team

Provision an instance

Crunchy Bridge is billed by the minute so you can easily create and delete test clusters to try out the system for your specific needs. On your personal or team dashboard, click “Create Cluster” to get started, and then choose the options you need. You’ll be asked to enter a payment method the first time you create a cluster.

Provision an instance

Connect to your instance

The Postgres instance credentials are available in a few different formats on the main cluster page. Select the one that works best for you.

Connection string