DataGrip is a proprietary database tool made by Jet Brains in their family of productivity tools for Python developers. You can use DataGrip to connect to any number of data sources, including PostgreSQL through Crunchy Bridge.

Find your connection information

If you haven't created a Crunchy Bridge Team or Cluster, the Getting Started page will guide you through the process.

Once you've created a cluster, navigate to the cluster's Connection tab. DataGrip uses the JDBC connection driver, so you'll want to choose the JDBC-formatted connection string, which will look like this:


You'll notice that a connection string formatted for JDBC has this general format:


Create a new database connection in DataGrip

Click the + at the top of the DataGrip window to add a new data source. You can paste the JDBC-formatted connection string into the URL box and DataGrip will fill in the individual connection parameters for you:

Certificate verification

For an additional layer of security, you can choose to connect to DataGrip using SSL mode, which verifies the self-signed root certificate associated with your Crunchy Bridge Team.

First, you'll need to download the certificate for the Team that owns the cluster to which you want to connect. To find it, navigate to the Team Overview page by clicking on the name of the team in the Dashboard. Then click into the Settings tab to locate and download the certificate. Read more about certificates on the SSL Concepts page.

Next, you'll return to DataGrip and click on the SSH/SSL panel in the connection details. Check the "Use SSL" box and upload the certificate you downloaded into the "CA file" box: