Blazer Quickstart

This page contains a quickstart to help you get blazer up and running with Container Apps on Crunchy Bridge. We recommend you start with the quickstart to get an understanding of container apps.

About Blazer

From the original project:

Explore your data with SQL. Easily create charts and dashboards, and share them with your team.

Blazer with Container Apps Quickstart

First ensure you have Container Apps enabled with CREATE EXTENSION pgpodman;. Once enabled you’ll need your DATABASE_URL from Crunchy Bridge to include in the command. To start your Blazer app you can run:

SELECT run_container('-dt -p 5433:8080/tcp -e DATABASE_URL="<DATABASE_URL>"');

Now you can visit your running Blazer app at your hostname:5433.

Blazer configuration

By default the above setup is a public app that anyone who knows the URL can access. It is recommended that you setup authentication. You can setup basic auth by configuring the BLAZER_USERNAME and BLAZER_PASSWORD values when you initiate the Container App: