pgAdmin 4 quickstart

This quickstart guide will help you get pgAdmin 4 up and running with Container Apps on Crunchy Bridge. We recommend you start with the Container Apps Quickstart to get a general understanding of Container Apps.

About pgAdmin 4

pgAdmin 4 is a web-based open source management tool for Postgres. It is a community maintained project from the PostgreSQL community.

pgAdmin 4 with container apps quickstart

First, make sure you have Container Apps enabled. As a user with superuser privileges, run CREATE EXTENSION pgpodman; to install the extension in the postgres database of the desired cluster.

To start your pgAdmin 4 app, run the following using your own values for PGADMIN_DEFAULT_EMAIL and PGADMIN_DEFAULT_PASSWORD:

SELECT run_container('-dt -p 5433:80/tcp -e PGADMIN_DEFAULT_EMAIL="user-email" -e PGADMIN_DEFAULT_PASSWORD="user-password" -e PGADMIN_LISTEN_PORT=80 --privileged');