List available cloud providers. We use "provider" in this sense to refer to a major compute platform like Amazon AWS, GCP (Google Compute Platform), or Microsoft Azure.

Part of the API reference collection

This page is part of the Crunchy Bridge API reference, and primarily meant to act as an exhaustive guide for technical integrations which are already in progress. To understand the basics of using the API, see API concepts and getting started.

List providers

List available cloud providers.

GET /providers


Query parameters


Optional team ID that can be passed and which may provide additional access to generally unavailable plans if the team is appropriately flagged.

cURL example

curl -X GET
    -H "Authorization: Bearer $CRUNCHY_API_KEY"


Status: 200

Content type: application/json

providersarray of array

Providers is the list of available cloud providers.


    "providers": [
            "disk": {
                "rate": 10,
                "rate_analytics": null
            "display_name": "AWS",
            "id": "aws",
            "plans": [
                    "cpu": 1,
                    "display_name": "Hobby-2",
                    "id": "hobby-2",
                    "iops_baseline": null,
                    "iops_maximum": null,
                    "maximum_performance_limited": false,
                    "memory": 2,
                    "rate": 3500,
                    "region_ids": null
            "regions": [
                    "display_name": "US East",
                    "id": "us-east-1",
                    "location": "N. Virginia",
                    "multiplier": 1