Changelog entries represent various changes within the Crunchy Bridge product, pertaining to components like the Postgres backends, user-facing web Dashboard, documentation, CLI, or the REST API.

The changelog data available via this API is the same as what's visible in the public documentation, retrievable programmatically.

Part of the API reference collection

This page is part of the Crunchy Bridge API reference, and primarily meant to act as an exhaustive guide for technical integrations which are already in progress. To understand the basics of using the API, see API concepts and getting started.

List changelog entries

List changelogs.

This endpoint's pagination may be ordered through the order_field parameter by id only.

GET /changelogs


Query parameters


If specified, changelog entries are filtered to just this component.

Enum api, cli, dashboard, docs, feature, or postgres.


Return only items starting after this cursor ID. When paginating, pass the value of next_cursor from the last page into this field to get the next one.


The maximum number of items to return on the page. Defaults to 100 with a minimum of 1 and a maximum of 100.


The order of pagination. asc for ascending or desc for descending. Defaults to asc.

Enum asc, or desc.


The name of the field on which to paginate like id or name. Supported fields are specific to each endpoint, and it's not possible to specify any arbitrary name. See the documentation for each specific list endpoint to see which fields it supports. Defaults to id for most resources.

cURL example

curl -X GET
    -H "Authorization: Bearer $CRUNCHY_API_KEY"


Status: 200

Response for listing events.

Content type: application/json

changelogsarray of array

List of changelogs for this page.


Indicates whether or not there are more resources to page through in the collection.

next_cursorstring in EID format in UUID format

A cursor value to pass to the endpoint to get the next page.

Get changelog entry

Get a specific changelog.

GET /changelogs/{changelog_id_or_name}


Path parameters

  • changelog_id_or_name: The ID or unique name of the changelog entry to be retrieved.

cURL example

curl -X GET{changelog_id_or_name}
    -H "Authorization: Bearer $CRUNCHY_API_KEY"


Status: 200

A single change within Crunchy Bridge.

Content type: application/json

idstring in EID format in UUID format

The primary ID of the change. IDs for changes are generated in ascending order, so sorting on ID is functionally equivalent to sorting by time.

componentenum string

Component to which the change applies.

Enum api, cli, dashboard, docs, feature, or postgres.

created_atstring of date/time formatted as RFC 3339 in EID format in UUID format

The time when the change was originally created.


Longer form description of the change.


Machine-readable unique name for the change. Can be used as an alternative to ID to look up a changelog entry.

published_atstring of date/time formatted as RFC 3339 in EID format in UUID format

The time when the changelog was published.


Human-readable title of the change.

updated_atstring of date/time formatted as RFC 3339 in EID format in UUID format

The time when the change was last updated.