Multi-factor authentication

Multi-factor authentication (MFA) provides an additional layer of security for your Crunchy Bridge account. When enabled, Crunchy Bridge will require a second verification step during sensitive operations such as logging in, requesting a new API key, or changing your account password.

Setting up MFA

Multi-factor authentication is enabled at the account level. To enable MFA, click the dropdown in the upper right corner and choose My Account, then navigate to the Authentication section. Multi-factor settings are toward the bottom of the page.


Crunchy Bridge allows users to sign in using Single sign-on (SSO). SSO users can still add MFA to their account, but it behaves a little differently compared to a password-based account. A challenge will still be requested on sensitive operations such as procuring a new API key or changing your account password, but not when logging in.


SSO users will not be challenged at login because we assume that if MFA is desired for login it will have been enabled through the SSO provider. This prevents SSO users from being prompted for MFA twice when logging in.

Authenticator app options

There are many authenticator applications you can use. If you don't already have an authenticator app you prefer, we recommend you try one of these:

Downloading recovery codes

When setting up multi-factor authentication, the system will present recovery codes. These codes can be used to log in to your Crunchy Bridge account in the event that you lose access to your Authenticator application. Please download these codes and store them securely for future reference.

Regaining access

Contact support if you need assistance regaining access to an account with MFA enabled.