Resize instances

The Crunchy Bridge system supports in-place cluster resizing. In-place resizing promises minimal downtime (only a short connection interruption during the failover process) and no changes to your connection string.

Cluster resizing is a cluster management operation. You can read more about how cluster management is carried out in the overview of cluster management.

Creating a cluster resize

You can create a cluster resize from the cluster overview:

When creating a cluster resize, you can choose to use a different instance size, storage size and major version. Your original and new monthly costs will appear on the right. You must change one of these parameters of your existing cluster in order to initiate a resize.

If you want to refresh your cluster without changing any of the parameters, for example to receive the latest minor Postgres version and newest Crunchy Bridge features, you should initiate a cluster refresh instead.

Cluster resize scheduling

Resizing will take place during your next maintenance window. If you need to resize immediately, click the "Run Upgrade Now" button in cluster settings. If you return to the resize page before a resize failover has begun, you can cancel it. You can read more about maintenance scheduling on the Maintenance docs page.

Resize maintenance details

Like our HA feature, during a resize the Crunchy Bridge system will bring up a new machine behind the scenes, copy your data from backups and WAL, and do a failover to the new server at the specified time (or during your next maintenance window). You should ensure your application is set up to automatically reconnect to the database since there will be a brief service interruption (estimated to be no more than a few minutes).

The cluster management page has additional details about how cluster resizes operate behind the scenes and what you can expect when you schedule one.