Resizing instances

The Crunchy Bridge system supports in-place resizing. In-place resizing promises minimal downtime (only a short connection interruption) and no changes to your connection string to change the size of your cluster.

Resizing is a cluster action available in the main cluster overview screen:

During a cluster resize, you can change the instance size, storage, major version, and enable or disable HA. You will need to change one of these parameters to initiate a resize. Your original and new monthly costs will appear on the right.

Note: It's not currently possible to downsize a cluster's storage on your own, but you can open a support ticket and we'll be happy to assist you.

Resizing will take place during your next maintenance window. If you need to resize immediately, you should remove your maintenance window before resizing. If you return to the resize page before a resize has been completed, you can cancel it.

Like our HA feature, the Bridge system will bring up a new machine behind the scenes, copy your data, and do a cutover. You should ensure your application is set up to automatically reconnect to the database since there will be a brief service interruption (no more than a few minutes).