Upgrading Postgres

Major version upgrades

Crunchy Bridge allows you to self service schedule your major version upgrades. You can begin the upgrade process by selecting Upgrade Postgres from the Cluster Actions menu:

Once at the upgrade screen you’ll be able to select the new version you wish to upgrade to and schedule it. Once you schedule your upgrade we will prepare a standby for you, the time to prepare your upgrade is related to the size of data within your Postgres database. Once your standby is fully ready we will run your upgrade during your next maintenance window. Upgrades typically take a few minutes.

When performing a major version upgrade your read replicas are not automatically upgraded. Those are automatically detached and you’ll need to freshly recreate your read-replicas.

Minor version upgrades

Crunchy Bridge will over time automatically upgrade your database with new minor versions of Postgres. With each Postgres release we examine all security related issues and bugs. For any deemed critical we will prioritize your upgrade to ensure your data is safe. If an emergency update is required we’ll perform that update during your maintenance window. For non-critical fixes we will gradually update databases by one of the following:

  • Updating your HA standby, if a failover occurs it will receive the latest point release
  • Updating you when you perform an action such as resizing your instance or other self initated maintenance activity.