The teams endpoint allows you to retrieve all teams and your role level associated with each of those teams.

See the Getting Started section for details on retrieving a short lived token you can use to submit requests to this endpoint.

Listing teams

GET /teams

The Authorization header is required, with the value set to Bearer {access_token}.

Request example

curl --request GET ""\
    --header "Accept: application/json"\
    --header "Authorization: Bearer 22rpvk7jjdqfci6rjbrl24x5m"

Response example

Status code: 200 OK

  "teams": [
      "id": "eaevtjiudzeq7bsqbbpiscund4",
      "name": "my_team",
      "is_personal": false,
      "roles": [
      "created_at": "2021-01-21T16:52:41.847677Z",
      "updated_at": "2021-01-21T16:52:41.847677Z"
Response item Type Description
id string Unique identifier for the team
name string Name of team (empty when is_personal is true)
is_personal boolean Whether the team is the personal team for your account
roles array of integers Your account’s role levels for the team
0: Member
1: Manager
2: Administrator
created_at string Date/time of when the team was created, in RFC3339 format
updated_at string Date/time of when the team was last updated, in RFC3339 format