Get Support

All databases come with standard support included. To open a support ticket, click the avatar in the upper-right, then click “Support”.

The Support page will display your submitted tickets. Only team administrators or team managers can create or view support tickets for their team.

Create Ticket

Regardless of support tier, all databases are continuously monitored. If your database does encounter a failure, our control plane is already hard at work in restoring availability. Additionally, should anomalies or issues occur during restoration, our on-call engineers will be alerted to resolve the issue.

Creating support tickets

In the “Create Support Ticket” window, you can enter the following details:

  1. Subject
  2. Severity: Low, High, Critical
  3. Category: General Question, Performance, Connectivity, Availability, Billing, Security, Other
  4. Database: Database clusters within current team
  5. Description: Enter a detailed description of the issue

Severity Descriptions

In general use this guideline for determining what severity your ticket falls into:

  • Low: Minor questions, billing queries, issues related to staging and dev environments
  • High: Major questions about a production cluster
  • Critical: You’re experiencing some kind of service interruption