Accounts created directly on are billed at the end of each month for consumption during that month. Invoices are emailed to all Team Administrators, plus the Team's specified billing contact. After three business days have passed, the card or bank account on file will be charged the invoiced amount.


Billing occurs at the Team level. You'll receive separate invoices and charges for each Team even if the payment method on file is the same.

Credit card

Most customers choose to have their monthly invoice paid by credit card. You can change your card on file at any time by navigating to Billing > Invoices > Update Payment and entering the new card info.

Bank transfer (ACH)

You can also choose to have your monthly invoice paid by bank transfer (ACH) with a bank account located in the U.S. To set up ACH, navigate to Billing > Invoices > Update Payment, choose U.S. bank account and complete the form:

Purchase order

For enterprises looking to consume Crunchy Bridge against a purchase order, contact us to discuss upfront payment options.


Invoices are available by clicking on the Billing tab within each Team. This takes you into the Invoices section of Team Settings.

Clicking on a month in the list will show the invoice details for that month. You can print these detailed invoices to PDF.

The Invoice Notes field allows you to specify your Company's details, such as name, address, or other details you need to have added to your formatted invoice.

$5 Billing Minimum

Crunchy Bridge currently has a $5 minimum for charging against a payment on file. If you spin up clusters but remove them before you have accrued more than $5 in a month, you will not be charged.

Finalize billing

If you need to remove a team or close your account, you'll first need to finalize billing for the team. The first step is to ensure all of the team's clusters have been deleted. Once that's done, navigate to the team's settings and click the Finalize Billing button in the Danger Zone section.

After running the finalize billing step, you will be sent an invoice email and payment will be charged. If your invoice does not meet the minimum billing amount (see above), you'll still receive an invoice email but you won't be charged.

After a team's billing has been finalized, it cannot create clusters anymore. Users who might need to create new clusters for a team can delete the original team and then create a new one with the same name.

Sales Tax

In certain states Crunchy Data is required to apply sales tax. The billing address you provide associated with your credit card is used to determine whether tax must be applied, and if so the applicable rate. Areas which Crunchy Data must apply sales tax as of October 1, 2023 (billed on your November 1 invoice) include the following. We anticipate this list will grow over time, and will keep it updated with new additions.

  • Arizona
  • Massachusetts
  • New York
  • Pennsylvania
  • Tennessee
  • Utah

If needed, you can revise your billing from the top navigation for a given team.

Billing contact

Each team can specify a billing contact email to which a copy of the Team's invoice will be sent each month. This provides access to invoices only. In order to set the billing email for a team, click on the cog icon next to the Team name in the dashboard and enter the billing email in the General settings tab: