Cluster settings

Crunchy Bridge allows you to customize each cluster in a number of ways to suit your specific needs. The cluster settings outlined below can be freely changed without causing any downtime or service interruption.

Cluster name setting

A cluster's name can be changed at any time in the cluster's Settings section:

Maintenance window setting

The maintenance window for a cluster can also be set or removed in the cluster's Settings section, shown just above. You can learn more by reading the documentation about Maintenance windows.

High Availability setting

The High Availability (HA) setting can be enabled for any cluster regardless of its size or other properties. This will create a special replica that will replace the cluster in case of a failure. You can learn more on the High Availability page.

HA can be enabled or disabled for any cluster from the Cluster Overview:

Protected setting

You can enable a flag called Protected on any cluster from the Overview page. The only impact to the cluster is to make it impossible to destroy the cluster (until Protected is disabled). There is no impact on cluster performance when you enable (or disable) the Protected flag.

Other settings

Some aspects of a cluster can only be changed through Cluster Management maintenance operations. These operations require maintenance and should be initiated with care:

Immutable settings

Other aspects of a cluster cannot be changed directly, including:

  • Team ownership of a cluster
  • Provider or region where a cluster is provisioned

If you do want to change cluster ownership, or the provider or region where a cluster is provisioned, you have a couple of options. For clusters that are small in size and not being used in production, the easiest method is to use pg_dump to export the contents of the old cluster and pg_restore to import the contents into a newly provisioned cluster in the correct Team.

For larger or production databases, contact support and we can work with you on another method.