Configuration parameters

Crunchy Bridge offers a managed database service that also allows for superuser-like access and configurability. In order to do both at once, and to do both well, we're continually evolving the tools we provide for cluster and database management. The configuration parameters framework has been created to allow you to customize your cluster configuration safely.

Downsides of using ALTER SYSTEM

Although it is currently possible to use ALTER SYSTEM to change your cluster's configuration, we strongly discourage it. Changes made in such a way:

  • Won't survive a failover
  • May require a reload or restart to take effect
  • Could prevent your instance from running if set to an invalid value
  • Do not apply on HA instances or replicas

Configuration parameters framework

To avoid these shortcomings, we've created a better way for you to manage configuration parameters for Crunchy Bridge clusters. Using the configuration parameters framework, you can be assured that the changes made will be:

  • Persistent after a failover
  • Validated to prevent incorrect values
  • Applied to HA instances and replicas.

Setting a parameter using this framework also ensures that reloads or restarts occur when necessary.

Setting config parameters

You can find the the configuration panel in the cluster's Settings section.

Enter the name of the parameter you'd like to set:

Enter the desired value, noting the units (e.g. milliseconds) and click "Set Parameter":

You can also set configuration parameters using the cb config-param command in the CLI.

Unlocking additional parameters

The configuration parameter system already supports the majority of parameters that users have historically customized on Crunchy Bridge. If you find that a parameter you would like to set is missing from the list, please contact support and we'll be happy to help.