Plans and pricing

Clusters are billed according to the amount of time they're provisioned in a given month, prorated to the second. While prices on this page are quoted for the cost of an entire month, you will only be billed that amount if your cluster is provisioned for the entire month.

Pricing varies based on:

  • Instance size
  • Region
  • Storage


Below you will find a sampling of prices by instance size. The technical specifications and prices listed are specific to the East region of Amazon Web Services (AWS). This sampling is intended to give a general idea of available instances and their cost.

To determine the cost and view the exact specifications of a cluster on your cloud of choice, please use the interactive pricing calculator.


Crunchy Bridge offers three tiers of databases -- Hobby, Standard, and Memory -- to cover a variety of use cases.

In general,

  • Hobby tier runs on lower quality underlying infrastructure, does not include PgBouncer, and is not intended for production usage. Cluster health monitoring and audit logging of Hobby tier instances are provided on a best-effort basis. Support is included on a best-effort basis, and no SLA is offered.
  • Standard tier provides a good balance of cores and memory balance and is intended for production usage.
  • Memory-optimized tier has a higher ratio of memory to cores, is intended for production usage, and may be better for SaaS workloads where a larger amount of data is kept in memory. These can only be provisioned on AWS.

High availability (HA) is available on any tier/plan and doubles the cluster price.

See the tables below for details about each tier and plan.

Hobby tier

Important Notes

  • Hobby instances can be provisioned with a maximum of 100GB storage.
  • Hobby instances have burstable vCPUs. Utilization in excess of the CPU baseline shown below will deplete available vCPU credits, leading to CPU usage being constrained to the baseline. This may appear as a sudden downgrade in performance with no other cause.
  • Cluster health monitoring and audit logging of Hobby tier instances are provided on a best-effort basis.
  • No SLA applies to Hobby instances.
PlanCoresMemoryCPU BaselineIOPSPG VersionsPgBouncerSupportPrice/month
Hobby-0*2512MB5%11,800PG15-16 only⚠️ Best effort$9.00
Hobby-1*21GB10%11,800PG15-16 only⚠️ Best effort$18.00
Hobby-222GB20%11,800PG12-16⚠️ Best effort$35.00
Hobby-424GB20%11,800PG12-16⚠️ Best effort$70.00

*Available on AWS only.

Standard tier

PlanCoresMemoryIOPSPG VersionsPgBouncerSupportPrice/month

*Available on AWS only.

Memory-optimized tier

PlanCoresMemoryIOPSPG VersionsPgBouncerSupportPrice/month


Amazon Web Services (AWS)

NameProvider ID
Asia Pacific (Tokyo)ap-northeast-1
Asia Pacific (Mumbai)ap-south-1
Asia Pacific (Singapore)ap-southeast-1
Asia Pacific (Sydney)ap-southeast-2
Canada Central (Montréal)ca-central-1
Europe Central (Frankfurt)eu-central-1
Europe North (Stockholm)eu-north-1
Europe South (Milan)eu-south-1
Europe West (Ireland)eu-west-1
Europe West (London)eu-west-2
Europe West (Paris)eu-west-3
South America (São Paulo)sa-east-1
US East (N. Virginia)us-east-1
US East (Ohio)us-east-2
US West (N. California)us-west-1
US West (Oregon)us-west-2


NameProvider ID
Australia East (NSW)australiaeast
Australia Southeast (Victoria)australiasoutheast
Canada Central (Toronto)canadacentral
Central US (Iowa)centralus
East US (Virginia)eastus2
Japan Eastjapaneast
North Europe (Ireland)northeurope
South Central US (Texas)southcentralus
West US (California)westus
West US 2 (Washington)westus2

Google Cloud Platform (GCP)

NameProvider ID
Asia Northeast 1 (Tokyo)asia-northeast1
Asia South 1 (Mumbai)asia-south1
Asia Southeast 1 (Singapore)asia-southeast1
Asia Southeast 2 (Jakarta)asia-southeast2
Australia Southeast 1 (Sydney)australia-southeast1
Europe North 1 (Finland)europe-north1
Europe West 1 (Belgium)europe-west1
Europe West 3 (Frankfurt)europe-west3
Europe West 4 (Netherlands)europe-west4
North America Northeast 1 (Montreal)northamerica-northeast1
North America Northeast 2 (Toronto)northamerica-northeast2
US Central 1 (Iowa)us-central1
US East 4 (Virginia)us-east4
US West 1 (Oregon)us-west1


Storage adds an additional $0.10 per GB to the total rate per month.

Example - AWS US East Standard-8 instance with 100 GB storage:

$140.00 + $0.10 * 100 = $150.00/month

AWS Storage details

For instances provisioned on March 15th, 2023 or later, or have performed maintenance on the instance since that time on AWS the underlying storage leverages GP3 disks. This storage provides the IOPS associated in the plan breakdown above at a sustained level.

For instances provisioned prior to 3/15/2023 on AWS the underlying storage leverages GP2 disks. This storage provides both:

  • A sustained IOPS level
  • Burst capabilities to the max allowed of your instance

Sustained IOPS translate to your storage size provisioned, at a rate of 3 IOPS per 1 GB of storage. As an example, a 1TB disk would have roughly 3k IOPS.


All storage is provisioned at a rate of 3 IOPS per 1 GB for sustained usage. All instances receive a burst capacity of their maximum amount of IOPS per the instance type. For burst IOPS the limit relates to the instance that is provisioned. You can see the exact level in the tiers section above.

A few examples to highlight IO performance:

Hobby-4 with 100 GB disk

  • Sustained IOPS of 300
  • Burst capability of 17,500 IOPS

Standard-32 with 2 TB disk

  • Sustained IOPS of 6,144
  • Burst capability of 18,750 IOPS

Migrating Your Database to Crunchy Bridge

Existing databases can be migrated to Crunchy Bridge from a number of cloud Postgres providers, including Amazon, Azure, Google Cloud, and Heroku.

Contact us or open a support ticket if you would like additional details about migrating your existing database.