PostgreSQL versions

Crunchy Bridge maintains support for several versions of PostgreSQL at any given time. As the PostgreSQL Global Development Group sunsets an older version, Crunchy Bridge also removes support for that version well in advance, and we'll notify you so you can prepare to upgrade. We also provide tools and support so you can upgrade your cluster to a newer version.

Postgres versions on Crunchy Bridge

Crunchy Bridge currently supports PostgreSQL versions 14, 15, and 16. Postgres 13 is currently being phased out and is available on a limited basis to customers who were already using that version. Postgres 12 is no longer available on Crunchy Bridge.

Note that hobby-0 and hobby-1 tier clusters can only run PG 15 or 16.


If your clusters currently run PostgreSQL 13, we urge you to upgrade as soon as possible.

Each Postgres major version will be available to provision new Crunchy Bridge clusters until 18 months before the PostgreSQL Global Development Group sunsets their support. We will completely remove the availability of that major version six months in advance of the end of community support. You'll receive notifications as the deadline approaches if your clusters are still running a version that's being phased out.

Major version support timeline

VersionProvisioning limited on BridgeAvailability on Bridge endsCommunity support ends
16May 10, 2027May 9, 2028November 9, 2028
15May 11, 2026May 10, 2027November 11, 2027
14May 12, 2025May 11, 2026November 12, 2026
13May 13, 2024May 12, 2025November 13, 2025
12May 31, 2023May 13, 2024November 14, 2024

To ensure the security and operability of a cluster, we must phase out Postgres versions before the community/PostgreSQL Global Development Group ends their support. If a cluster is still running a Postgres version when Bridge availability ends, it will be automatically upgraded it to a newer version.

Need to upgrade your Crunchy Bridge cluster? Read more about how to upgrade or get in touch for additional help.

Minor version upgrades

The community releases minor versions at least four times a year, and sometimes more often. Crunchy Bridge clusters are automatically updated with new minor versions automatically in the course of other operations, such as plan or storage changes, failovers, and other maintenance. Read more about minor version upgrades here.