Single sign-on (SSO)

Single sign-on is available as a means of creating and managing your account within Crunchy Bridge. Single sign-on provides a seamless way of enforcing two-factor authentication if you have it enabled by your SSO provider. Single sign-on also provides additional security, in that when you remove someone from your organizational account they can no longer login to Crunchy Bridge

Logging in with SSO

When logging into Crunchy Bridge you can click on the Log in with Google or Log in with Microsoft links to Log in with you preferred existing SSO provider. If you wish you use a provider that you do not see laid out there please contact us.

Enforcing SSO for teams

In order to require SSO for your team you must:

  1. Be an admin within the team.
  2. Already have authenticated with SSO.

Once logged in with SSO you can visit the settings area for a Team by clicking on the cog icon. There you will find the ability to require SSO.

Joining existing teams

If you are logged in to Crunchy Bridge, you can see your domain's available teams by going to

Cannot access a team with SSO

If you encounter a message that you cannot access a specified team due to SSO restriction it is due an on your administrator your team restricting those resources to SSO only.

If you encounter this you can logout and log back in with your SSO provider. You will be prompted to link the two accounts and to confirm linking them. You should then be able to access all resources as expected.