Crunchy Bridge takes care of routine maintenance for your database. This includes operating system patching as well as Postgres version patching and upgrades.

We evaluate all security vulnerabilities and bug fixes that could affect your database and put you at risk. When required, we will determine the schedule in which your database will be patched in accordance with our security risk analysis policy.


In general, we expect that required maintenance will be scheduled less than once per year unless necessary in order to maintain the security and stability of the platform.

When you initiate self-initiated maintenance operations, such as disk or instance resizing or Postgres major version upgrades, you will automatically receive updates of the OS and Postgres minor versions.

Maintenance Windows

The Crunchy Bridge approach to maintenance takes care to minimize the impact. One important way we do this is through maintenance windows. A maintenance window is a three-hour window of time during which your particular cluster will receive any maintenance that is requested or required.


A cluster has no maintenance window by default. In this case, maintenance will be performed as soon as requested or required.

If you would like maintenance operations to wait until a specific time of day when it's likely to be more convenient, you can choose each cluster's maintenance window in the Cluster Settings tab:

You can also set a cluster's maintenance window using the CLI's cb maintenance set or the Update Cluster API endpoint.

If a cluster does have a maintenance window set, all maintenance (whether initiated by you or by Crunchy Bridge) will be performed for that cluster during its maintenance window unless specified to run outside the window.

For example, you can schedule maintenance to run as soon as possible by using the "Start Maintenance Now" button in Cluster Settings, or using the --now option of the cb maintenance create CLI command.

If you do not set a maintenance window,

  • Self-initiated maintenance will be performed as soon as possible
  • Crunchy Bridge-initiated maintenance will be performed at our discretion