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Crunchy Bridge takes care of routine maintenance for your database. This includes operating system patching as well as Postgres version patching and upgrades. Crunchy Bridge takes an approach to minimize your impact of maintenance. We evaluate all security vulnerabities and bug fixes that could affect your database and put you at risk. Once those are evaluated we will determine the schedule in which your database will be patched in accordance with our security risk analysis policy.

As rough guidance - required maintenance is generally performed less than once per year

When you perform self initiated maintenance (disk scaling, instance resizing, Postgres major version upgrades) you will automatically receive updates of the OS and Postgres minor versions.

Maintenance windows

Within Crunchy Bridge maintenance both performed by Crunchy Data as well as self initiated activities (disk scaling, instance resizing, and Postgres major version upgrades) will be performed during your maintenance window. Maintenance windows are a 3 hr time range that you can specify within the settings for a cluster. Maintenance windows are configured on a per cluster basis, not at a team level. If you do not set a maintenance window self initiated maintenance will be performed as soon as possible, and Crunchy Data initiated maintenance performed at our discretion.