Crunchy Bridge will provision each cluster inside a private network inside the Crunchy managed area in that particular cloud. AWS and Google cloud documentation referrs to this as VPC (Virtual Private Cloud) and a similar service at Azure is called VNET (Azure Virtual Network). Each network is separate and private from other networks in the same cloud. Once a provision has been established inside a network, it cannot be moved. If you need multiple clusters inside the same network you will create the first cluster, discover that network, and then create additional resources within that established network.

Creating resources inside your network

You can use the networking tab in the platform or the API or CLI to see and manage clusters in your network. In the networking tab, click the “All Networks” button.

All Networks

Inside the networks area you can see your network groups and add resources within.

All Networks

Read replicas, forks, and high availability failover machines will by default be created within the same network. Read replicas and forks can be provisioned in a different existing network if you specify that during provisioning.

Peering to other private networks

AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud will allow you to create a virtual private network for your resources and applications that likely need database access. Using peering, you can connect that private network to your Bridge private network. A virtual network can let you connect your database to your other application services via a private subnet without ever exposing the database to the larger internet. Virtual private networks are one of the cornerstone features of securely supporting cloud Postgres applications while giving you the flexibility to choose vendors, marketplace applications, and other services while connecting everything securely.

For larger organizations that need further refinement of networking and peering, you may want to have one network group for production machines and another one for development and staging machines.


Crunchy Bridge allows for custom networking configurations. See more in firewalls.