Your data security is of utmost importance to Crunchy Data.

Data encryption: Data in Bridge is encrypted in transit and at rest.

Authentication: Access to the Bridge panel is password protected. Single sign-on using Google or Microsoft is supported. Teams may be set up to control access to different team members.

TLS/SSL: All Bridge resources, including our management tools and control plane SSL/TLS to communicate with all outside resources.

Support of Firewall / virtual networks: We support firewall configuration as well as VNet / VPC peering by request.

GDPR: All Bridge functions and services are GDPR compliant.

SOC 2: Crunchy Bridge has completed a SOC 2 Type 1 audit. Contact us if you need a copy of the report.

HIPAA: Crunchy Bridge has been audited and is HIPAA compliant with all the necessary protocol in place to make your database HIPAA compliant. We can also work with you on signing a Business Associate Agreement (BAA).