Team Management

Teams allow you to group together databases and share them in a structured form. All accounts begin with a personal team which you are not able to add other administrators or managers. All database instances live within a team. Teams are free to create, but require a credit card to be setup.

To create a new team, click on the team navigation drop down and then select “create team”. When you create a team you must automatically assign a billing method to that team.

Managing team access

When within a team, you can manage access by clicking on the “access” navigation link. Each user added to your team receives a role. Available roles are:

  • Member
  • Manager
  • Administrator

Team members can:

  • See database resources and information

Team managers have all the functionality of members as well as:

  • Provision and deprovision instances
  • Create and respond to support tickets
  • Configure settings for Postgres clusters
  • View and update billing

Team administators have all the functionality of managers as well as:

  • Manage team members