User Management

This article describes Postgres user and role management within Crunchy Bridge.

Each Postgres instance provisioned within Crunchy Bridge will by default receive at least 3 Postgres roles.

Postgres role - This is your Postgres super user account. Administrators within the team have access to this role. It is not recommended to connect to your application with this role. Intended use of the Postgres role is for administrative functionality of users and permissions of your database. The Postgres user can enable new extensions. By default auditing with pgaudit is enabled for the Postgres role.

Application role - This is a role created that is intended to be connect to your application. Administrators and managers within the team have access to this role. This role has standard permissions to create/modify/destroy tables, insert data, and perform most general operations against your database. By default auditing of the commands run by this role within your Postgres database are disabled.

Individual user roles - All roles that have access to a team within Crunchy Bridge receive a unique user credential to connect to their Crunchy Bridge database. By default this role has read-only access to the database. An administrator with the postgres user role can connect and change the privileges for a specific user to grant them an increased level of access.

For more information on team management see the team article.