Accounts and Billing

Crunchy Data calculates billing based on wall-clock usage.

Pricing varies based on the size of the instance provisioned, the region it is located in, and the disk sizing provisioned.

Billing Cycle

Crunchy Bridge charges based on usage, which means that in any given month the bill you receive will be for the previous month of use, not the current one (similar to the way phone services work). Your invoice for the previous month’s usage is available the first week of the month. You will receive a notification when your invoice is available. Your payment for the invoice will be automatically processed 3 days after you receive your invoice.

Computing Usage

Usage is calculated based on time the database is provisioned, not based on the activity of usage of the database cluster.

Usage computation examples

Example A - A $70 hobby tier database provisioned on the middle of the month you would receive a $35 bill for at the beginning of the next month.

Example B - You provision a standard tier $140 a month database after the first week of the month. You would be billed for roughly 75% of the month or $105.