There are two mechanisms for backups within Postgres. Physical backups are a byte for byte backup of the data on disk. Logical backups are the raw data in a more portable format (a set of SQL statements such as CREATE table and INSERTs). You can read further on the difference between physical and logical backups here

Crunchy Bridge automatically comes with physical backups for your database included at no extra charge. As part of the phsyical backup process we capture a PostgreSQL base backup every day. Then stream the WAL every 60 seconds or 16MB of WAL (whichever comes first). A backup can be restored as a fork.

Backups are provided for a rolling 10 day period. If you need a longer backup time, you can use the fork feature to create individual backup snapshots. Talk to customer success if you need additional considerations with backups.

If you wish to capture logical backups for your database you can do those by connecting to your database with pg_dump.